Auslec was formed a group of independent companies that specialise in distributing industrial electrical equipment. They include RG Panks, Elanco, WG Watsons, Austral Lighting, Gerard & Goodman and Electrical house.

During the 1980s, Pacific Dunlop purchased these companies, along with Lawrence & Hansen, in order to offer customers a solution that encompassed both a comprehensive contractor and industrial products. The group was rebranded Auslec.

Dutch company Hagemeyer N.V, a global business-to-business distribution and services group, announced its acquisition of Pacific Dunlop’s Electrical Group in Australia in August 2000. Hagemeyer Australia was acquired by Sonepar on 14th June 2008.

Through this time, Auslec has continued the proud history started by these companies in delivering comprehensive industrial product and service solutions.

Auslec now has 29 branches around the country, backed by sophisticated logistics system designed to ensure our clients have what they need when they need it.

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